Ageless Passion

An old man i met in the street of Jodhpur, who holding a real passion towards Chess, and eagerly waiting to get an opponent for the next brainstorming session . And

Cane Dance (Raqqs al Assaya)

The Cane Dance, also called “Raqqs al Assaya” in arabic, dance of the stick / Cane is a folkloric dance very popular in Arabic oriental dancer’s set. Usually somewhere in the middle,  towards… Continue reading

Logo Release

Beauty Queen

  Through the ramp of fuming sand dunes the world’s most tenacious animal exhibiting their beauty and luring the buyers for the worth of million dhirhams. Camel beauty contest is one of the… Continue reading


By following the strict methods of traditional bread baking, and without adopting any sophisticated methods, over the years they serving the community here with its scrumptious crispy taste, and withholding a wide range… Continue reading

Dhyan Gopal ( Meditating Lord Krishna ) Temple

  Pushkar is a land of temples, on the bank of Pushkar Lake you can find hundreds of temples which are as older as the Brahma temple or even older than the Vedic… Continue reading

Lunch Time

  “Hunger is the Best Pickle ” – Benjamin Franklin” A weekend lunch enjoying by a group of expatriate workers from a labor camp in U A E – 2013


A shepherd communicating with his team in the mid of the desert at Liwa, Abu dhabi, U A E The sophisticated telephone network across the country made the life easy in every sectors,… Continue reading

Peaceful sleep and Colorful Dreams

We all sleeping here with ultimate peace and happiness, a fond tribute to all the Esteemed Leaders of U A E A group of workers in U A E having a short nap,… Continue reading

A Power-packed Weekend

Beyond an extent of competition, every sport ignites a thriving spirit among the mass for a triumph. It seems, even before the origin of this world, ages or centuries itself, the humanity got… Continue reading

Fight for the Fittest

 “His stride is wildernesses of freedom…The world rolls under the long thrust of his heel”… And there he is, the aggressive, enraged bull ready for violent, whirling action… The eventful tradition of the… Continue reading

Old-age : A Transit from the Bound to Boundless

Neglect – the most pathetic state a human being can ever have! Undoubtedly, wherever the surrounding is, nothing sustains beyond a simple action called care and love, which could get replaced. Old age… Continue reading

Sacred Threads – Knots of Belief

It is a belief in Hinduism that a sacred thread could save you from the evil spirit and bad faith. Specific mantras and ‘Sookthas’ are chanted by the temple priest while making such knotted threads..… Continue reading

Azhikal Ferry – Treasure of Unseen Possibilities

Azhikal Ferry, a beautiful emerging tourist spot at kannur.   My intention was nothing beyond a mere evening walk with my camera, through the serene shore before they hamper by the artificial renovations… Continue reading

And then an Artist Begins…

Root age or ‘Arangettam’ of an artist materializes after a prolonged span of dedication inwards mind and soul. Besides any other form of art, Bharathanatyam also demands a systematic studying withal dedication and… Continue reading

Abandoned Doors – A Story of the Glorified Warriors

An abandoned Door, Ghost Village, RAK, UAE – 2010 Abandoned Doors and Windows…! Something which took my attention even before days I started clicking the pictures, I used to find them somewhere around… Continue reading

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