The Way To Salvation

Detachment is a key to finding the eternal happiness in life, I believe by crossing a certain age, we will realize that the whole life was nothing beyond some senseless possessions we had. The moment of that realization can give something to mark on your life’s scorecard, and there’s your eternal journey to spirituality begins.

Hers a man I met from an old age home at Coorge, who is leading his life with a complete detachment from his surroundings, and without any expectations or possessions.

Man of Wisdom

His journey to the realm of Knowledge had began before many years; even during amidst of hardships in his life, he never said  ‘ No ‘ to the books. The urge is still continues with the same intensity, at the same time he says our knowledge, and prejudices are the major blockades from the eternal bliss of Divinity.

man_reading2 (1 of 1)
man_reading (1 of 1)

Perplexed! Right?  Never mind! only this dilemma accompanied with the confrontation of sane and insane, wisdom and folly, can lead you to the final destination called ‘ Salvation ‘.