For a Difference

Did you ever turn back and look at a kid who begging on a street? I don’t know how many times I did that, But every time, they surprised me with their caliber, skill or wisdom.

 In her broken English, she cried, “A Photo with brother… please,” can you expect this question from a 7 year old girl, who’s begging on a street with her younger brother?

Street Kids, Karnataka, India 2011

I found these kids in a temple street at Subramaniyam, initially she caught my attention with a smile that is enchanting as ever. I kept proposing to myself that I give some money and move on. But truth be told, for no reason I couldn’t do that; and to my surprise, the girl came up with this unusual question, thinking no further, I clicked with the undrained wonder on my face, and showed it to them. And she replied to me with her bright smile and wide eyes 0f excitement, “Thank you Sir.”

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Portrait of a Street Kid, Karnataka, India 2011

 I reckon, it could be the first time, she seeing her photo or a snap with her sweet brother. I was staring at her out of wonder; she gave me a smile and walked away from me. My eyes turned around for the next frame like during any other photo-shoot. A part of my inner self was experiencing an unreasonable guilt and agony; I simply kept myself cursing at the term called ‘Fate.

These little kids are not meant to be where they are now, aren’t they? These siblings are representing the straying childhoods of our country. Thousands of children are getting spoiled around us; on the vicinity of the heralding Child protection acts and NGOs.


 Remember, they are just a product of our pure negligence and possessiveness. We are bound to build their future; along with our kids, the future and outlook of our country is weaving by them. For a better future or for a better outlook let us give them a hand. Let’s make a difference.