And then an Artist Begins…

Root age or ‘Arangettam’ of an artist materializes after a prolonged span of dedication inwards mind and soul. Besides any other form of art, Bharathanatyam also demands a systematic studying withal dedication and discipline. 



Fire Dance or ‘Bharathanatyam’ is the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical elements of Fire in the human body.  Here the artist incarnates the trait of flames and its motion through the rendering.



I was honored to picture an ‘Arangettam’ performed by the disciples of Mrs. Asha Nair, a seasoned Dance teacher in Abu Dhabi. Throughout years of hard work and sweat, today her students have been blessed to blossom forth the fundamental foundation of Bharathanatyam.  



The evening at the Indian Social club in Abu Dhabi, had witnessed the spiritual harmony between the Enticing Ragas, and luring performances from the emerging artists.



It was the creative and artistic stage decorations, done by Ms Asha Nair, driven my mood to the Hellenic era of Indian Classical dance. The alluring ragas she selected for each session treated the spectators, with all the glory and power of this wonderful art.



The promising artists concluded the dance recital with an absolute fascinating masterpiece “ MahaDeva Shiva Shambo” tuned to ‘Revathi’ raga. in just seconds, the whole mood turned selfsame to the outmost beauty of the cosmic dancer and its creations.




After having bagged a few clicks, I started walking back home still clenched to the wonders at what the dancers upshot with their miraculous combination of mind and body. And some of the broken lines from a forgotten ‘Sloka’ were simply reverberating in my mind…

“Yadho Hastha Thatho Dhrishti,

Yadho Dhristhti thatho mana,

Yato mana tato Bhava,

Yato Bhava, tato Rasa.” [BhrathaMuni, NaatyaShasthram]


[Meaning : Where goes the hands, there goes the eyes,

Where goes the eyes, there goes the mind,
Where goes the mind, there go the expressions,
Where goes the expression, there arises emotion]