Azhikal Ferry – Treasure of Unseen Possibilities

Azhikal Ferry, a beautiful emerging tourist spot at kannur.   My intention was nothing beyond a mere evening walk with my camera, through the serene shore before they hamper by the artificial renovations for the so-called Tourism

Azhikal Ferry 2012

Cool breezes, scattered fishing boats, straying cats and roving crows, here it comes with the unique features of a ferry with a wonderful blessing of nature’s bounty. 


The Life at shores has the age as equal as to humanity, but due to surge of modernization, nowadays the shore’s life is not as easy and wonderful as they sound.  Basically life at shore depends only on fish and its byproducts.

ferrywork-1830Workers at Ferry, Azhikal Ferry, Kannur 2012


Here in Azhikal, along with the mainstream fishing there is a distinctive income generating industry of making bio-fertilizers with the leftover parts of a dead fish like head, nails, internal organs and all that.   Bio-fertilizers are in great demand throughout the domestic and international market showing imputable resolutions that can beat any artificial stuffs existing in the market. 


WORKGROUP-1844Work Field at Ferry, Azhikal Ferry, Kannur 2012

Though it’s generating a good income to the monopolistic owners, the life of the workers from this industry still remains a true suffering in every way.  Perhaps, the sole income for the sea shores workers to gather the scarce amount of daily bread for the family.   As the government neglects to promote this sector, the workers suffer without getting any benefits from the existing labor laws and policies of the country. 

Workers Resting after work, Azhikal Ferry 2012


Seasonal changes and extending tourism developments are the major threat for this industry and its future scope. The government should be more wakeful to protect this sector, in respect to its future scope and demands. 

WORKER-1913 A worker at Ferry, Azhikal Ferry, Kannur 2012


We should be aware that the agriculture and bio-industries would turn out to be the next generation markets beating and surviving the savaging financial crisis across the globe. This could surpass our country to the major list of emerging economies.