A Power-packed Weekend

Beyond an extent of competition, every sport ignites a thriving spirit among the mass for a triumph. It seems, even before the origin of this world, ages or centuries itself, the humanity got obsessed to plenty of Masculine sports with a usurious fervor and passion.  


Dubai is a land, which has always shown their admiration and respect to every tradition and culture.  Every weekend evenings in Deira; one of the happening areas in Dubai, is a platform for a mass of Asian Expatriates to conduct their Traditional ‘Pehelwani’ or  ‘Khusti’ with all the excitement and spirit.

Deira Pehalwan Khusti

Deira Pehalwan KhustiOfficial Entry, Dubai – 2012


The Entertainers



Deira Pehalwan KhustiWinner receiving rewards and appreciations from the Spectators

DeiraKhustiThe Winners Team


For them it’s a moment to relax and enjoy, thereby shedding away all the stress and strains of the grueling weekdays. Most of the contestants out here are from the blue-collar category like porter, driver, traders or laborers. 

As an hour passes by, even while rebounding from injuries, there’s no love lost between the pehelwans. They shake hands and return to the crowd, sans their macho Friday-image, for another week of further hard work, a true sportsmanship.