Adhai Din ka Jhonpra – Icon of harmonized cultures

This  beautiful example of an indo-Islamic Architecture was once believed and seen as a Jain Temple. A onetime flourished Sanskrit College was reborn to a mosque by Mohammed Ghori. This is a must visit ruin near the Dargha of Sufi Moinudeen Chisti at Ajmer. 

AdhaiDhinA Devote at Adhai Dhin ka Jhonpra

AdhaiDhinAdhai Din ka Jhonpra, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India – 2012

This classic construction was completed within two and half days and so it got the name Adhai Dhin (One and half days) ka Johonpra. The historical proof states that more  than 30 pillars of the monument were taken from various nearby temples to complete this masterpiece. Nonethless we cant leave this mosque without admiring the amazing artists worked behind the engraved Quran verses over the walls. Yet another elevating constructions among the world’s most wonderul mandmade icons and one more golden feather to our glorified heritage. Salutes !!! 

Engraved Quran verses on the wall

AdhaiDhinDefensive wall around the monument

AdhaiDhinA Sufi tomb near the mosque