Million Dhirham Vs Millions of Pain


Millennium street’, yes the place where the camels cost you more than a Ferrari !!! , I really appreciate the way Abu Dhabi Govt conducting this traditional festival at Al Dafrah, to preserve their heritage and to exhibit the memories from the olden days in front of the young generations. Well decorated camels, Camel beauty contest, Camel Race, all are simply a great way to glorify the National Animal of U A E at its best. 


But unfortunately, I spotted the heartless methods of shifting the camels from one area to other for different purposes.  Abrasive tools like crane and congested vehicles were the modes used for the shifting.

 PainfulPreparing the camel for shifting by tying their legs together


PainfulShifting to the congested vehicle using crane

Helpless mourns and shedding tears from their eyes made me quite upset.  This provoked me to write as to drive the attention of some authorized persons who can put an end to this merciless act, and to adopt some better methods to treat the Royal animal of the country with a bit more kindness and love.