Al Shamal – Beyond the Myths and Mysteries

IMG_6103Shamal Village, Ras Al Khaimah, U A E – 2013 (Pic Courtesy: Adam Backer)

In a country at par with sea level in the Arabian Gulf, lies a remote village named Shamal (Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE), at an elevation of 200 meters. This rural area being cloaked in myths and mysteries, is believed to be around 1000 years old by the archaeologists  whereas the locals here claims it to be only 100 years old since it has been inhibited. As far as history can remember, Queen of Sheeba’s palace existed here in this region around 1000 BC. 

ShamalRocky Shamal Mountain

The memories of a flourished era engraved over the rocky surfaces and the architectural remains, are the best evidences a visitor could ever ask for. Moments spend at this heritage or historic rich place will definitely be a nostalgic feel for anybody, who wishes to be here.


Beyond the facts, mysteries and behind the veil of history, the scattered dead bodies of the Sheep’s lying around the little hill would raise anyone’s curiosity. The sheep wandering around the village makes their way towards the top of the hill. Later on, the visitors would only discover seeing them dying out, for a mysterious reason, totally unknown.

ShammalA decayed dead-body of a sheep

There might be some biological reasons or other animals might have attacked them, it leaves a wide scope for a detailed study by the concerned scientific enthusiasts. The plastic bags found inside the decayed body of the dead animal, leaves the visitors with a clue. Probably due to the modernization, they are forced to eat from the surroundings things that are not edible biologically. However, it’s for the experts to demonstrate the validity of this claim.

ShamalPlastic remains found inside a decayed dead-body

ShamalWandering Sheep through the rocky mountain

I reckon necessary research by the authorities of the concerned discipline can easily end such a happening. Taking into consideration the patriotic factor, with great deal of certainty, no visitors, local or expat would ever want this place to be disturbed under any circumstances.


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