Animal Market – A walk-back through the centuries

A market that sells life. Not imagination, it pays for being an animal. It’s true. A slow walk down an alien market selling animals is a novel experience by itself and you realize this fact in a jiffy. The sounds and colors, the pecking and whines, scuffling and scuttling; all alienating the onlooker, making him a time traveler, taking him centuries back and passing the aura of the rustic and vintage worlds.

From Sparrow to Ostriches, lambs to camels here’s the place to buy and sell these beings, as pets and all kind of edible meats; direct from its owner. The market gets alive the most during evening in an open extended area at the heart of Sharjah city.

Locals and foreigners are equally and obviously attracted to this market in the heart of the city for it is famous throughout the emirates. It becomes a meeting place for traders, photographers, buyers and curious wanderers. As the sun moves into twilight, this market place stuns itself, gets lit up. Jokes are passed, food is shared, feasting begins,  songs are played and yet no animal seem to be enjoying any of this one bit!

 And Here the Walk begins…