Cane Dance (Raqqs al Assaya)

The Cane Dance, also called “Raqqs al Assaya” in arabic, dance of the stick / Cane is a folkloric dance very popular in Arabic oriental dancer’s set. Usually somewhere in the middle,  towards the end of the performance,  cane dance often includes audience participation. 

There are different types of cane dances, many cultures in the middle east traditionally used sticks for walking, herding, and defenses. Many of these cultures have dance traditions using sticks.


Cane Dance / Stick Dance performing during Al Dafrah Camel Festival, Abu dhabi, UAE – 2012


Contestants waiting to participate for the Cane dance during Al Dafrah Camel festival , Abu Dhabi, UAE – 2012


Performing the Traditional song during Cane Dance, Al Dafrah, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2013