Breakfast with Bishnoi – Bishnoi Village in Jodhpur

God is nature and his presence is felt everywhere around, for he’s the omnipotent,Omnipresence of the ultimate power called God lies within you. ‘Loko Samashta Sukhino Bhavandu’ – this is what our heritage has taught us, our prayers are for the sake of entire universe,  also for the well being of one and all living creatures living on it.



Bishnoi Village in Rajasthan is approximately around 18 km away from the Jodhpur town, the residents here belong to a rare Tribe called Bishnois, and they are famous for their unique rituals and their stubborn approach to their nature conservativeness .  They worship nothing but the Nature itself, they don’t believe in any ‘Poojas’ other than worshiping the living creatures around them, by caring and feeding them like their own babies.


My last visit to Jodhpur gave me an opportunity to spend a morning with a Bishnoi family, and witness their morning activities. More over, I was lucky to be their guest and have one of the yummiest breakfast ever. The bread what they have is a mix of around 8 grain varieties, along with some vital extracts from the rare breeds of few local medicinal herbs. Trust me! I was having such a zestful day, by eating nothing other than the single bread I shared with them in the morning. It was packed with full of energy and nutrients.





This land will take you back in centuries, to an era you might have heard only in the ancient stories and myths, you will wonder if they still exists. Some scary glimpses of modernisation still were visible around them. The new generation members prefer to rebuild everything around them with modern amenities. But the senior citizens out there are very much stubborn and will not let the youngsters to suffocate their upholding customs and ideologies. But I don’t believe that it is going to last for long, soon our quenchless crave for the so called ‘Modernisation’ will ruin this holy culture as well.



Taking Opium Juice for their Traditional Morning Pooja ( In respect to their traditional culture Govt has been allotted a specific quantity of Opium)


Few hours spend with them aren’t enough to write authentically about their customs and their underlying believes and thoughts. But all I can tell you is that, these are the real jewels left by our forefathers, these are nothing but the ‘Mrith Sanjeevini” they left for our eternity. But we are simply overseeing the mind chasing the glittering miracles. Doubtlessly the changes will remain Constant.