A Note of Gratitude

A Note of Gratitude

This is my first attempt to write a blog after a prolonged inspiration from Mr . Adam,who is a Friend, Philosopher and my Guide in photography. He is my first and foremost inspiration I ever had in my photography journey. Above all, I respect him as a person who keeps high level of values and ethics.
I dedicate this blog to my mother Mrs. Remadevi, who have always supports me at each and every enervated moments of life. Then to my father Mr. P Krishnan, who was a man of values and a person from where I learned my moral lessons in life and to all my teachers who are the one and only one reason why I am here to pen these words. The final dedication goes to my Godess Mookambika Devi, beneath whom I have surrendered myself with a strong conviction that everything happening in my life are defined and very much destined by her.
With great pleasure, I invite you all here to my little confined space, expecting your presence as a guest or even a host from whom I can take up sincere critics and healthy comments as I strongly believe, those are the priceless treasures I could ever save for myself in this journey called LIFE.

With Love

Ranadive Neelenchery