Abandoned Doors – A Story of the Glorified Warriors

Door1-6322 An abandoned Door, Ghost Village, RAK, UAE – 2010

Abandoned Doors and Windows…! Something which took my attention even before days I started clicking the pictures, I used to find them somewhere around the ruined corners and backyards, with the lofty rotation of the wheel of time they gave the protection and glory to our home and life, and with a bundle of amazing stories of the warfare they designed to defend us.

Veranda of an abandoned House, RAK , UAE – 2012

Morning shades falling through the window, Al Basta Heritage Village, Dubai 2011

Window of a ruined house,RAK – UAE 2012

A rustic Door, Al Basta, Dubai 2012

A Window – RAK , UAE 2012

Fully ruined window of an abandoned house, RAK, UAE 2012

Notwithstanding the unhealed wounds and scars, the doors surviving the time with the still-warm breath of breathless memories…